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About Neighbourhood Naas Restaurant, One of Kildare's Best Restaurants.

Looking for the best restaurant in Kildare? Look no further than Neighbourhood. With a focus on quality ingredients and exceptional dining experiences, this restaurant is a must-visit for foodies in the area. Learn more about the team and suppliers behind Neighbourhood below.

The Team


Accommodation Partner

Lawlor’s of Naas is an independently owned four-star town centre hotel providing the perfect base to explore the vibrancy of the town and the surrounding countryside. As soon as you step into the Lobby, you’ll find an abundance of historic features carefully curated to enrich the guest experience. From the grand brass doors of a counting room in Las Vegas to repurposed lighting from Dublin’s Christchurch Cathedral – every detail tells a story.

Our Suppliers

Quality Ingredients

We understand the importance of quality ingredients in creating an exceptional dining experience. That’s why we prioritize sourcing from local suppliers who share our commitment to excellence. From local farmers to artisans, we partner with those who provide the freshest seasonal produce, pasture-raised meats, and organic vegetables.

By knowing the origin of each ingredient and supporting sustainable farming practices, we ensure that every dish we serve is of the highest quality and showcases the rich flavors of Ireland.

Sustainability Matters

We recognize the impact of our choices on the environment and strive to make sustainable decisions. That’s why we source from suppliers who prioritise sustainability in their practices. Our partnerships with responsible, eco-conscious producers allow us to offer responsibly sourced seafood and artisanal products.

We also actively work towards reducing waste, implementing environmentally friendly practices in our kitchen, and supporting initiatives that promote a greener and more sustainable food industry. By dining with us, you join in our commitment to gastronmical sustainability in Ireland and support local suppliers who share our values.

We have been working hand in hand with Castleruddery Organic farm to select the finest ingredients. Our culinary team treats these fine ingredients with the utmost respect. The team at Castleruddery helped Gareth plan our menu’s. The farm is located in West Wicklow, 20 minutes south of Blessington.

Sustainable Seafood Ireland is a trusted provider of responsibly sourced seafood. They prioritize sustainability, working closely with local fishermen to offer a diverse range of high-quality, traceable products. With a commitment to preserving our oceans, they embrace innovative practices and collaborate with conservation organizations. 

Established in 1899, JJ Young and Sons Ltd. is a well-known wholesale and retail butcher that has become synonymous with quality in the meat industry.  Their commitment to excellence is evident in their state-of-the-art facilities, including a purpose-built Cold Store/Warehouse in Clane. With a focus on delivering the finest cuts and meeting the highest safety standards, JJ Young and Sons continues to be a trusted supplier for Neighbourhood.

Waterford Wood is based in the Historic Sea Side village of Ardmore, Co. Waterford. They have been manufacturing hand-made, bespoke furniture nationwide for over 50 years. They hand-crafted our tables, waiting stations, wine displays and much more.

Glenmar Shellfish, with over 30 years of experience in the fishing industry, has embraced modernisation to adapt to the evolving landscape of the industry. With 13 factory vessels landing premium products, Glenmar is committed to sustainability and has been recognized with Origin Green Certification and the Bord Bia Export Award. With advanced technology and a focus on freshness and quality, Glenmar maintains exceptional quality assurance throughout their range.

Keelings, with over 90 years of expertise, is a renowned local supplier of exceptional fruits and vegetables. Their commitment to quality and sustainability is evident in their careful cultivation practices. Keelings’ hand-picked produce preserves its freshness and flavour. Embracing responsible resource management and innovation, Keelings delivers the finest fruits and vegetables while minimizing their environmental impact.

Kelly Oysters, with four generations of expertise, offers exceptional oysters harvested from Ireland’s West Coast. Their commitment to sustainable practices and careful cultivation techniques ensures a superior product. Nestled in Galway Bay, their oysters boast a sought-after flavor profile. Hand-picked and meticulously inspected, each oyster meets the highest quality standards.

Artisan Foods curates exceptional gourmet products, from cheeses and charcuterie to chocolates and specialty ingredients. With a focus on craftsmanship and quality, they collaborate with passionate local producers who prioritise traditional methods. Sustainability is paramount, as they support eco-friendly farming practices and reduce their ecological footprint. Supporting local artisans and savouring the best of Ireland’s culinary culture.

Larousse Foods offers exceptional gourmet ingredients, from fine oils and vinegars to specialty spices and condiments. With a focus on quality and authenticity, they partner with trusted local producers. Sustainability is paramount, as they prioritize eco-friendly practices and packaging.


Velvet Cloud specializes in exceptional sheep’s milk products, including artisanal cheeses and yogurt. Crafted with care and expertise, their products captivate the palate. Sourced from their own grass-fed flock, the finest sheep’s milk ensures superior quality. With a commitment to sustainability, Velvet Cloud supports ethical farming practices.  Velvet Cloud embraces the rich flavours of Ireland.

Redmond Fine Foods offers premium culinary products, from oils and vinegars to sauces and condiments. With a commitment to taste and quality, they collaborate with esteemed local producers. Sustainability is paramount, reflected in their eco-friendly practices and packaging. 

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